The Body Book by Cameron Diaz


First off: I didn’t finish the book. It was impossible. That’s why it took me this long to review it.
This book was nothing like I expected.

I didn’t expect Ms. Diaz would talk to me like a 6th grade teacher.

Then after we’ve graduated from 6th grade, she jumped straight to hardcore scientific stuff. It was like reading a biology book. There were diagrams in the book but I couldn’t view any of them because I was reading it on my phone.

I kept falling asleep while trying to read the book, it was way too hard to focus. Too much information, Cam!

As intelligence adults, I think we all know the importance of breakfast, yet, Diaz felt the need to keep going on and on about it.

The Body Book is far from an easy read: it’s boring, poorly written and repetitive. I struggled since the first chapter, after that I jumped from chapter to chapter to see if it gets better. Nope, it didn’t.

Basically The Body Book is about eating healthily (breakfast, vegetables, avoid sugar and processed foods etc.), drink lots of water, check your pee and poo, take some time out of your day to walk and dance, and don’t laser your pubes.

It might be a good book for teens, but not for grown women. Well, unless you’re interested to know how your body works at the cellular level, then go ahead. But the book isn’t a diet book either, it’s a lifestyle changer. Unless you are ready to change your habits for good, The Body Book would be too much for you too.

I’m a fan of Cameron Diaz and I adore her personality and sense of humor. Since this book is written by her, I thought I’d get some of that reading through her words, but got none of that either.

I don’t get why her book is even a bestseller?! Because thinking of it still makes me…

helen nguyen