Stick With It


No matter what, stick with it.

It’s like hearing cowbell ringing from every direction. I never like hearing people telling me what to do – I’m a grown woman, let me decide what I want to do.

I’ve heard people tell each other to stick around and shouldn’t disturb their lives by quitting, but when the best thing to do, from my point of view, is to throw in the towel.

I just started working full-time and the work is physically demanding. It’s only a summer job, but I’m hesitant about am I able to keep up with it. I’ve been thinking about quitting ever since I started there and one of the major turnoffs is most of the employees are very unhappy about the work.

On my first day, someone told me not to accept the job because it’s not worth it, “it’s terrible. You don’t want to stay here. Leave while you can.”

From the 4:30am wakeup calls to the muscle soreness from heavy lifting and standing 8 hours a day, and not much time for bathroom breaks – believe me, it’s very tempting to quit.

It’s only a summer job, right? Who cares if I leave now, when they already expect I’ll be gone after summer. They can always replace me with another loser.


The first week went by quickly like insomnia combined with body aches – it was achingly slow. The first couple days of work, I couldn’t lift a thing. Everything was too heavy for me.

The second week started with shaky hands, muscles still sore and I felt like my body was getting weaker. Plus by then, I’ve heard enough of complaints about the job and that I shouldn’t stay there.

Then something really interesting happened right after I admitted, it’s very possible that I’m not able to continue
“Oh, don’t leave. You have a good job here, why do you want to leave a good job?”
“But this isn’t a good job, and I’m not the right person for it either. I’m slowing everyone down, because I can’t do half the work here. And I’m only working temporary, might as well look for another job.”
“You have a good job here. The job that pays you, it’s a good job. Stick with it.”

This was the conversation I had with almost every single person who told me how much they hated the job. Even my mom told me to stick with it, when less than a week ago, she told me to quit because it’s too rough.

When I finally made my decision to leave, they all wanted to stop me
“Stick with it. Just suffer through it, this is working life. It supposed to be hard.”
“You got a job and you supposed to stick with it. It’s not right to leave a paying job.”

I have muscle soreness from the heavy lifting, so I’ve asked them about it and how they recovered. The answers I got were all the women suffered from muscle pains and it’s continuous because they don’t have time to fully recover.

And every time they thought of leaving, something or someone always held them back. Either they were promised the conditions were going to get better soon and if they quit now, they’re giving up a good job for someone else. Most of them have worked there since the beginning, yet nothing has improved.

Or everyone was against their leaving, because you supposed to stick with it. Nobody leaves a paying job. You just don’t quit, it’s not an option.

People always complain. Negativity attracts one another and it just grows.

But I want to focus on how many people rather stay in pain and misery, than get called a quitter and jump to another possible pain – the pain of unknown what the future may hold for them after they’ve quit.


I’m very familiar with this situation. A few months ago I quit a very comfortable, great paying 9-5 job to chase after my dream. The idea sounded effing crazy, I know.

Because I knew I was going take the jump, I panicked and to had everyone in my life questioning and trying to stop me from doing it – the decision came with great resistant to say at least. I am happy that I did it, though, my dream hasn’t come true yet and I’m running out of gummy bears to count my days with.

The whole lousy job scene reminds me of how many situations we should have given in, when we already been around long enough to know that it’s not worth it and it’s not working. Still, we stick with it.

There were many things in my life, I wished I’ve quit sooner but I didn’t have the guts to do it. But there were also times that I wish I didn’t give up.

Do you know anyone who’s in a marriage that she hates being in?
Do you know a friend who works in a dreadful job and that the thought of waking up in the morning to go to work feels like torture?
Have you talked to anyone who admitted that the next thing everyone expects him to do in his life, didn’t feel right to him?
Have you ever been in a relationship, where you knew it wasn’t right for you, whether it was bad timing or you’re with the wrong person – but you couldn’t get out of it?

The sad part is I may have just described you in one of the above situations.

I get what it feels like not knowing how you’re going to survive next month, if you leave your sucky job now. But if there’s a slightest chance that you believe you have the power to change your own world, do it. You don’t have to do it all now, but you have to start at some point.

The people that I now work with, I don’t think they understand that they’re creating their own personal hell. I don’t think anybody should suffer through life. That’s not a way to live.

If you find yourself using negative words or feeling negative emotions when talking about your relationship, work, school or life…Ask yourself, why stick with it?

It’s true, we grow through pain. But it’s never going to happen when you are comfortable with your pain.