Review: NOW Solutions European Clay Powder + NOW Essential Oils Tea Tree Oil


The NOW Solutions European Clay Powder is 100% natural and pure. You can create a clay mask by mixing it with water, and as optional, add essential oil that suits your skin needs.

Tea tree oil is good for oily, acne and combination skin.
Jojoba oil or/and lavender oil for dry and mature skin.

It says that you should leave the mask on for 15-20minutes. But from my experience, you shouldn’t let the mask to fully dry. Wait until the clay mask is about 80-90% then go ahead and rinse off. Because if you leave it on until it has completely dry out, it’d be a nightmare to rinse off and it’d feels like your skin is cracking.

I don’t recommend using too much clay powder either. The clay powder is really, really strong. The first time I used it, I put too much clay powder and rinsed it off when it was harden and dry. I almost cry when I tried to wash it off. It was so painful and scary. I thought my skin was cracking or bleeding.


My face was hot red and sensitive afterwards, Thank Goodness it got better the next day. Lesson learned! Always put more water than clay powder – always, always, always…

The NOW Solutions European Clay Powder is a powerful facial detox. It helps draw out impurities from the pores, decreasing pore size and improve your skin tone over time. I noticed that the clay mask was also exfoliating my skin a little.

I really love this product, and it’s so affordable too, only $5.34 at iHerb.

I usually mix the clay powder with the NOW tea tree oil to create my detox mask, I like the tingling sensation that I get from it. The 6 oz. (170g) jar is plenty, I have this for almost a year now and I still have a lot left. I don’t use it as much in the winter like I’ve been using it lately. I do the clay mask 1-2 times a week.

However, I wish that it’d have a measuring spoon coming with it.

The NOW Essential Oils tea tree oil has also been great with many of my DIY masks and oil blends. It’s 100% pure and effective. I don’t have much to say about it, because I think it works like how it supposed to.

If you have oily skin or gets breakout easily, this mask will help you tackle those problems.