Let Me Introduce Myself

Helz-Nguyen (1)

…I’m Helen aka Helz, if you haven’t already catch it ;)

OK, where do we start…

You know what? I have to admit that it’s hard for me to express myself through writing.

I’ve been blogging for almost 2 years, yet I’m not satisfied how I’ve been presenting myself here.

It’s damn hard.

English is my third language– I hardly get to use it.

I’m also a private person in real life.

I want to be able to say what I really want to say and to connect with you. And I struggle with that, because I don’t know when it’s OK to talk more about myself.

I want to be comfortable with my words, and with myself. And I want you to be part of this too.

So I guess it’s now or never: 23 things I’ve never told you about me. Let’s get personal, shall we?

1. My Vietnamese name is Hoa (it means flower).

But I’ve been going by the name of Helen most of my life. The name wasn’t given to me by my parents. I got it from my very first English teacher and right away felt instant bonding with the name.

Till this day, I still believe that that name was meant for me. I don’t feel that way about my Viet name.


2. After learning about Saturn Return and currently going through it, I guess that makes me a believer of astrology.

3. I’m kind of superstitious.

I hate admitting it and I don’t believe in everything out there.

But if there’s a chance that I might jinx something, then most likely I wouldn’t do it.

4. I can’t swim to save my own life. It’s one of my biggest fears.

But I love being in the water, I hope I learn to swim one day. Being underwater makes me feel calm and refreshed.

5. I don’t exercise or eat healthily. I know it’s bad.

6. I have a degree in hairdressing. But I didn’t find passion doing hair.

I’ve worked many different jobs, I also knew none of them were my true calling.


7. At the moment I’m starting my own business.

All these years I’ve been working for other people and I’ve learned a lot in every job that I’ve been.
It’s a shame that it took me a long time to finally take the jump, and go after what I want to do and what I really believe in. But I also understand that I needed to go through that, before I can get to this stage.

I guess turning 30 got a lot to do with it. But for the record, I’m still freaking out.

8. I’m scared of ghosts and dark places. They are scary!

9. I rarely watch TV any more.

10. I’m an introvert, social situations make me feel awkward.

I’m a homebody. I don’t like crowded places and meeting new people make me nervous.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t like to meet new people. I like getting to know someone privately because it allows me to focus on them more.

11. I can laugh all day.

Great sense of humor is something that I find very attractive in people. I love connecting with someone on that level.


12. Big love for stand-up comedy.

Some of my favorite stand-up comedians are: Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, Louis C.K., Aries Spears and Bill Burr.

13. I don’t have any tattoos, but I always wanted to get one.

14. I’ve got my belly pierced on my 18th birthday and I still have it. I think of it is a part of me and I want to keep it forever.

15. I have a special needs brother.

He has autism and is non-verbal. I’ve been helping my parents taking care of him for as long as I can remember. He’s one of the reasons why I still live at home. Sometime it feels like taking care of your own child.

Loving and caring for someone who has special needs is unconditional. Because you have to love and care, and give beyond life, just to get so little back.

16. I started blogging mainly because I was getting into beauty stuff.

I thought it’d be cool to meet new people with common interest that way.

17. The 2nd reason why I wanted to start a blog was I wanted to use my English.

Like I’ve told you before, I don’t use English in my everyday life. So I had to find a way to use it.


18. I’m always single. Yes, I’m that chick lol.

I rather let someone down or to be let down, than being in a relationship that’s not right for me. I hate and fear relationship chaos and drama.

Of course, now that I’m getting older, I yearn to have someone to call my own. The timing (now) might not perfect, but I like to trust it when it happens.

19. Not many people know this, but I’m terrified of cats.

They give me the creeps. Plus I’m badly allergic to cat’s hair, gives me more reason to steer far away from them.

20. A couple of my most embarrassing moments involve farting in public.

Now you know, and I must kill you.


21. I’m an emotional eater. Does that sound as bad as I’m a serial killer?

I stress, I eat. I’m sad, I eat. I’m happy, I eat. Or maybe I just like to eat.

22. I appreciate movies that can make you really feel.

I think we can learn a lot by observing on-screen relationships and how they’re presented to us.

23. In my experience, the best dates are usually casual and spontaneous.

Creative men are hot. And fun.