Why Do I Look Older With Makeup?

You want makeup that is youthful, stylish, and beautiful. However, a few minor errors in makeup might be difficult to see. Let’s study 12 common makeup mistakes, learn Why do I look older with makeup and how to fix them!

1. The too-thick foundation is a makeup fault you should be aware of

The foundation helps keep your skin evenly-colored, but it cannot cover 100% of the imperfections (this is why there is a concealer). In such situations, overlapping foundation layers might suffocate your skin, making it appear old. 

The best thing to do is to apply a thin layer of foundation with the best makeup to cover wrinkles for the entire face and a second layer for the cheeks, the middle of the forehead if you need more.

Why Do I Look Older With Makeup

2. Abuse of concealer

With girls wishing to create a spotless skin, many use too much concealer. But just choosing the wrong color and creating a thick layer of cream on the face will result in instantly lifting wrinkles. To avoid this, makeup experts recommend avoiding thick foundation layers. Instead, use as little as possible a smooth concealer cream that works to brighten your skin.

3. Thick powder

Girl, the thick white chalk will make people think you are participating in Halloween. The thick powder will also contribute to skin aging. So how to prevent looking older with makeup? Use a transparent powder and only use it for the T-zone.

4. Is dark lipstick the makeup error you often encounter?

When choosing lipstick colors, make sure to pick orange and pink tones to make you look younger. 

But what if you want to break with a dark color like burgundy or plum red? In such a situation, use lipstick colors with 1-2 tones darker than your skin tone.

dark lipstick make you Look Older With Makeup?

5. The wrong black eye rim

Many girls only use black eyeliner for the lower eye border because it is easier to draw. However, this will make your eyes look smaller, your entire face looking tired and older. Therefore, black eye pencil should only be used for the upper eye border and nude eye pencil should be used on your eye rim so that your eyes will look large and radiant.

6. Use a variety of eye shadow colors

Stay away from a pair of gleaming eyeshadow colors if you want to look youthful. A lot of eye color will reveal and draw attention to the wrinkles around the eyes. To avoid doing so, use a solid color as your eye shadow and apply only to the corners of the eye.

7. Forget panda eyes

Pandas are cute, of course, but their eyes are quite a different contrast. An extra dark eye-ring is a sign of fatigue and lack of sleep. 

Choose a light yellow concealer on your eye bags to hide its bluish look. You can also use peach-pink tones especially those with dark brown skin tone wanting to hide dark circles.

8. Error makeup classic: Eyebrows “super deep”

Cara Delevingne is famous for her thick eyebrows. But pay attention, her eyebrows are thick but moderately long. Not quite “super deep”. When drawing your eyebrows, use the pencil to follow each line gently so you can slowly adjust the thickness.

Why Do I Look Older With Makeup?

9. Extremely floating cheeks

It does not matter if you use a lot of blush, it simply helps you hang the “old lady” clearly. Using a layer of cream and a layer of powder is enough, just keep the blush color long enough to be “ripe”.

10. Do not shape your eyebrows

As you get older, your eyebrows become less and less pale. So don’t forget to use a pencil to shape your eyebrows. A face with painted eyebrows will make a visible difference.

11. Applying mascara too much

Mascara is an indispensable weapon for glittering eyes. However, it will backfire if you overdo in applying mascara on your lower eyelashes. It will make the eyelid layer heavier and make people focus on the lower eyelid area, where it is easy to see dark circles and wrinkles.

12. “Monotonous” face

A “monotonous” face is when you use the entire skin tone for your face, looking at you “evenly colored” and without any youthful striking appeal. Very boring and very old-looking, right? Always remember the rule, 1 light – 1 dark light, meaning you focus on the eye, the lipstick is light. And any day you need sexy red lips, make-up for eyeshadow.

"Monotonous" face make I Look Older With Makeup

13. Forget to moisturize your skin

Are you wondering if this skin category is related to makeup? 

As you get older, your skin will need to provide more moisture. Skin with enough moisture with makeup will stretch the ball and “eat” much more chalk, whereas the lack of water will make your chalk layer peeling and look “cakey” back there. 

So do not forget to moisturize before applying makeup! You can also apply a mask 15 minutes earlier before putting on makeup. 

14. Excessive lip line

Using a lip liner is essential when you apply makeup. It helps you to shape your mouth easily and sharper. However, you should be very careful when you want to make the lips thicker by drawing the lip contours too wide than the natural. If so, always remember to use lipstick with the same color as the pencil and carefully spread the lipstick to blur the edges.

Makeup tips to help you look young and natural

Why Do I Look Older With Makeup

Don’t let dry makeup suck

In fact, before starting makeup, one needs to wet the beauty blender but many women are too lazy to do so thus they skip this small but extremely necessary step. 

Because of this, the makeup layer, especially the important foundation layer, is not evenly spread, resulting in an uneven skin tone and unnatural appearance.

Also, makeup brushes need to be wet to reduce friction with the skin. This will help the foundation stick to your skin better, creating a smooth appearance for your skin.

Therefore, before applying makeup, make sure to never forget to spray and moisten your makeup sponges to have the perfect makeup results.

Combine serum and cream before makeup

Although you are confident that your skin is moisturized, do not forget to apply serums and lotions or other skincare products before applying your makeup. 

This is to ensure a healthy and plump glossy foundation, especially for those with dry skin. Moreover, a layer of paper mask before makeup will help your skin look more lively and increase its elasticity.

Applying serum and cream will also make your makeup last longer. In addition, use serums with HA (Hyaluronic Acid) instead of essences that easily absorb the rays of the sun that causes dark skin like Vitamin C or AHA, BHA.

Never spread foundation under eyes

With dark circles under the eyes, aside from using a concealer, one should also use under-eye foundation to limit crow’s feet, puffiness or dark circles.

You should only apply a light layer of powder because the skin under the eyes is where there are many wrinkles and pinches. So in order to increase the durability of the foundation and limit the movement, the foundation settles into the groove, you should carefully spread the foundation under the eyes.

Mineral spray after applying foundation

After a few hours, your makeup will start to look dull and melt due to the sweating caused by the hot weather. Due to this, the patchy cream powder on your face will make you look older. You only need to buy yourself a bottle of mineral spray to be able to solve this problem. It is a creamy, fluid-based solution that helps you keep your makeup last longer under the hot weather.

Sprays also work “short” the foundation layer, concealer, blush, powder to create a natural, thin effect for the foundation.

Hopefully the above notes will help you recognize your mistakes when applying  and choosing makeup products. Let’s carry out and hack your real age successfully!