Hey there

Helen-Helz-NguyenMy name is Helen and I’m the blogger & founder of HelzNguyen.com. You may have known me from my previous blog ForLuminousSkin.com.The reason we are here now is because I wanted to redefine my blog.

I want this blog to be a reflection of me. It’s going to be more than just another beauty blog.

I’ve been blogging about beauty topics for over a year and in that time, something changed.

I got to the point that it wasn’t enough for me anymore. I want to give more to my readers, but I also want to expand beyond the topic of beauty.

Because I was spending so much time on creating this thing, I wanted it to be worthwhile.

I guess it got something to do with turning 29 and not truly fulfilled. I want the stuff that I put out there matters. I also have this itch to grow.

Have you ever noticed that if you’ve been doing something a lot, you’ve been doing it so many times that you can do it in your sleep. You can do it with your eyes close.

You became so good at it that everybody knows you’re really good at this thing too.

But then at some point you start asking yourself

“So what if I’m good at this thing, what good is it for me?
Does this thing I’m good at, serve any purpose?
Does it have any value?
Does it have to be me who does it?
Is this something that I want to be known of being good at?
Can I become even better at doing this thing?”

And then comes the question that knocks down all the other questions
“Do I even want to do this?”

These are the questions that I keep asking myself, with everything that I do lately. It clarifies a lot for me and really forces me to prioritize my life. The hardest part is, of course, the part of letting things go.

Does internet need another beauty blog? No.
Is my writing better than other bloggers? No.

But the thing is, most blogs especially beauty blogs only concentrate on one or two things. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think anything’s wrong with that.

But don’t we women are interested in other stuff too, beside beauty and fashion…and sex (according to most women magazines)? Of course we are – I know I am.

And instead of going to blog to blog to get different contents, how about combining them all into one?

I personally like the idea of getting it all in one place. I don’t mean I’ll start blogging about everything in the world.

But when you’re going on a website that you often visit, and there are more things, different topics that are most likely also interesting to you.

And you’re getting them from a place that you’re used to get your information from, seems to be a better choice than hopping around the web to try to find something interesting to read about.

I love makeup and skin care too. But I don’t think about them every day nor when I get around with my friends. It’s a subject that we rarely touch base on.

No. We talk about the people that we’re dating, what’s wrong at work and other goods and bads in our lives.

I’m not going to treat this blog like an open diary. But I want to raise a question, stir up some conversation – or at least, share something in common in life, something other than beauty.

I want to give this a try…No. I want to do this. Now it’s your turn – are you in?