Why Do I Look Older With Makeup?

You want makeup that is youthful, stylish, and beautiful. However, a few minor errors in makeup might be difficult to see. Let’s study 12 common makeup mistakes, learn Why do I look older with makeup and how to fix them!

1. The too-thick foundation is a makeup fault you should be aware of

The foundation helps keep your skin evenly-colored, but it cannot cover 100% of the imperfections (this is why there is a concealer). In such situations, overlapping foundation layers might suffocate your skin, making it appear old. 

The best thing to do is to apply a thin layer of foundation with the best makeup to cover wrinkles for the entire face and a second layer for the cheeks, the middle of the forehead if you need more.

Why Do I Look Older With Makeup

2. Abuse of concealer

With girls wishing to create a spotless skin, many use too much concealer. But just choosing the wrong color and creating a thick layer of cream on the face will result in instantly lifting wrinkles. To avoid this, makeup experts recommend avoiding thick foundation layers. Instead, use as little as possible a smooth concealer cream that works to brighten your skin.

3. Thick powder

Girl, the thick white chalk will make people think you are participating in Halloween. The thick powder will also contribute to skin aging. So how to prevent looking older with makeup? Use a transparent powder and only use it for the T-zone.

4. Is dark lipstick the makeup error you often encounter?

When choosing lipstick colors, make sure to pick orange and pink tones to make you look younger. 

But what if you want to break with a dark color like burgundy or plum red? In such a situation, use lipstick colors with 1-2 tones darker than your skin tone.

dark lipstick make you Look Older With Makeup?

5. The wrong black eye rim

Many girls only use black eyeliner for the lower eye border because it is easier to draw. However, this will make your eyes look smaller, your entire face looking tired and older. Therefore, black eye pencil should only be used for the upper eye border and nude eye pencil should be used on your eye rim so that your eyes will look large and radiant.

6. Use a variety of eye shadow colors

Stay away from a pair of gleaming eyeshadow colors if you want to look youthful. A lot of eye color will reveal and draw attention to the wrinkles around the eyes. To avoid doing so, use a solid color as your eye shadow and apply only to the corners of the eye.

7. Forget panda eyes

Pandas are cute, of course, but their eyes are quite a different contrast. An extra dark eye-ring is a sign of fatigue and lack of sleep. 

Choose a light yellow concealer on your eye bags to hide its bluish look. You can also use peach-pink tones especially those with dark brown skin tone wanting to hide dark circles.

8. Error makeup classic: Eyebrows “super deep”

Cara Delevingne is famous for her thick eyebrows. But pay attention, her eyebrows are thick but moderately long. Not quite “super deep”. When drawing your eyebrows, use the pencil to follow each line gently so you can slowly adjust the thickness.

Why Do I Look Older With Makeup?

9. Extremely floating cheeks

It does not matter if you use a lot of blush, it simply helps you hang the “old lady” clearly. Using a layer of cream and a layer of powder is enough, just keep the blush color long enough to be “ripe”.

10. Do not shape your eyebrows

As you get older, your eyebrows become less and less pale. So don’t forget to use a pencil to shape your eyebrows. A face with painted eyebrows will make a visible difference.

11. Applying mascara too much

Mascara is an indispensable weapon for glittering eyes. However, it will backfire if you overdo in applying mascara on your lower eyelashes. It will make the eyelid layer heavier and make people focus on the lower eyelid area, where it is easy to see dark circles and wrinkles.

12. “Monotonous” face

A “monotonous” face is when you use the entire skin tone for your face, looking at you “evenly colored” and without any youthful striking appeal. Very boring and very old-looking, right? Always remember the rule, 1 light – 1 dark light, meaning you focus on the eye, the lipstick is light. And any day you need sexy red lips, make-up for eyeshadow.

"Monotonous" face make I Look Older With Makeup

13. Forget to moisturize your skin

Are you wondering if this skin category is related to makeup? 

As you get older, your skin will need to provide more moisture. Skin with enough moisture with makeup will stretch the ball and “eat” much more chalk, whereas the lack of water will make your chalk layer peeling and look “cakey” back there. 

So do not forget to moisturize before applying makeup! You can also apply a mask 15 minutes earlier before putting on makeup. 

14. Excessive lip line

Using a lip liner is essential when you apply makeup. It helps you to shape your mouth easily and sharper. However, you should be very careful when you want to make the lips thicker by drawing the lip contours too wide than the natural. If so, always remember to use lipstick with the same color as the pencil and carefully spread the lipstick to blur the edges.

Makeup tips to help you look young and natural

Why Do I Look Older With Makeup

Don’t let dry makeup suck

In fact, before starting makeup, one needs to wet the beauty blender but many women are too lazy to do so thus they skip this small but extremely necessary step. 

Because of this, the makeup layer, especially the important foundation layer, is not evenly spread, resulting in an uneven skin tone and unnatural appearance.

Also, makeup brushes need to be wet to reduce friction with the skin. This will help the foundation stick to your skin better, creating a smooth appearance for your skin.

Therefore, before applying makeup, make sure to never forget to spray and moisten your makeup sponges to have the perfect makeup results.

Combine serum and cream before makeup

Although you are confident that your skin is moisturized, do not forget to apply serums and lotions or other skincare products before applying your makeup. 

This is to ensure a healthy and plump glossy foundation, especially for those with dry skin. Moreover, a layer of paper mask before makeup will help your skin look more lively and increase its elasticity.

Applying serum and cream will also make your makeup last longer. In addition, use serums with HA (Hyaluronic Acid) instead of essences that easily absorb the rays of the sun that causes dark skin like Vitamin C or AHA, BHA.

Never spread foundation under eyes

With dark circles under the eyes, aside from using a concealer, one should also use under-eye foundation to limit crow’s feet, puffiness or dark circles.

You should only apply a light layer of powder because the skin under the eyes is where there are many wrinkles and pinches. So in order to increase the durability of the foundation and limit the movement, the foundation settles into the groove, you should carefully spread the foundation under the eyes.

Mineral spray after applying foundation

After a few hours, your makeup will start to look dull and melt due to the sweating caused by the hot weather. Due to this, the patchy cream powder on your face will make you look older. You only need to buy yourself a bottle of mineral spray to be able to solve this problem. It is a creamy, fluid-based solution that helps you keep your makeup last longer under the hot weather.

Sprays also work “short” the foundation layer, concealer, blush, powder to create a natural, thin effect for the foundation.

Hopefully the above notes will help you recognize your mistakes when applying  and choosing makeup products. Let’s carry out and hack your real age successfully!

Signs, Causes & How Do You Stop Folliculitis from Spreading?

There are lots of meanings and signs frequently referred to as “scalp infections”. There remain in reality many rather various reasons that your scalp might ache, itchy, inflamed burning red or contaminated. If you resemble lots of people with persistent scalp concerns – it might be driving you entirely up the wall and not understanding what it is or how to deal with the issue successfully after lots of not successful efforts to remove it can make it appear far even worse – like you are never ever going to get to the bottom of the issue. Well that require no longer be so! It can be basic to detect and treat it now and for excellent.

If you are dealing with any of these signs lets initially recognize the issue and then some of the underlying causes.

If you desire to get to the root of your issues, so to speak, you require to be able to recognize what your issue in fact is.


Inflammations bumps and sores are likewise typical when the scalp is extremely inflamed or level of sensitivity has actually been exacerbated. Candida fungus can be a hidden reason for yeast infections of the scalp. Thus you need to choose best body wash for folliculitis.

How Do You Stop Folliculitis from Spreading?


Ringworm of the scalp (tinea capitols) is a shallow fungal infection of the scalp. Scalp ringworm is brought on by mold-like fungis called dermatophytes. Ringworm infection happens when a specific kind of fungi grows and increases anywhere on your skin, scalp, or nails. It is even more typical in kids and signs consist of red, itchy spots on the scalp, leaving bald locations. The skin may itch and be red and peel or be flaky, have inflamed blisters or a rash (that can spread out) and appears like black dots.

The rash is extremely infectious. It is typically treated with over-the-counter items consisting of miconazole, clotrimazole, or comparable. There are likewise items direct from nature’s factories that can assist the recovery procedure and function as natural prescription antibiotics, although it needs to be stated that ringworm is an aggressive fungi which requires to be kept an eye on carefully and dealt with appropriately.

Dry scalp can feel “tight”, a feeling that is often accompanied by flakiness. It is frequently the outcome of natural oils being removed from our scalps by the regular usage of hair shampoos, hair dyes and or other hair items.


Dermatitis of the scalp (Seborrheic dermatitis) is an inflammatory condition impacting locations of the head and body where sebaceous glands are most popular. It can differ from moderate dandruff to thick flakey and oily scale. As soon as once again it is frequently a build-up of contaminants and items developed on our scalps that our body is attempting to rid itself of.


Eczema of the scalp comparable in look to Seborrheic dermatitis however rather has the name Atopic dermatitis.

An Inflamed Scalp With Loss Of Hair – What Triggers Folliculitis? What is the Treatment?

I frequently have individuals compose to me explaining a burning, itching, tight, and unpleasant scalp which might or might not consist of red or pink pigmentation with or without little bumps. On a regular basis, these folks have loss of hair to support this condition and they wish to know what is triggering this cycle and how to stop it due to the fact that it’s rather unpleasant and troubling. I’ll discuss causes and treatments for this in the following post.

Did The Scalp Inflammation Take Place Prior To The Loss Of Hair Or Shedding Began?

Identifying what this condition is typically needs for you to identify when it began. If you saw modifications in your scalp after loss of hair or shedding begun, then this is frequently Inflammation that is the outcome of numerous hairs being shed out at one time. You’ll typically see a pink or red scalp follow this in addition to feel some tightness, tingling, burning or pain. Some professionals call this “burning scalp syndrome” and although lots of argue that there is a mental element to it (as the outcome of losing a lot hair), I tend to disagree.


Scalp Psoriasis frequently takes place on the back of the head nevertheless several locations of the scalp or the entire scalp might be impacted. It regardless of being partly concealed by the hair is frequently a source of social humiliation due to flaking of the scale and extreme ‘dandruff’. Scalp psoriasis might be very itchy or on celebration have no itch signs. It can likewise trigger short-term baldness on the impacted locations. It is a typical, persistent, inflammatory skin illness and is connected with increased danger of cancer malignancy, squamous cell cancer, and basal cell cancer.


Folliculitis of the scalp is a shallow bacterial infection of the hair roots. It is defined by pustules around the hair roots and signs consist of uncomfortable brushing of hair and inflammation when rubbing your scalp around the hair roots websites. Treating with prescription antibiotics for the specific germs is the normal course of action however can ultimately trigger resistance to the antibiotic utilized. Alternatives consist of using Evoclin Foam which is topical. Folliculitis is typically brought on by staph germs which likewise live inside the sinus and nose cavity. Natural oils such as tea tree and lavender have great anti-bacterial residential or commercial properties and can likewise be utilized to treat this condition.

A weakened, contaminated and inflamed scalp results in loss of hair. Not just that, it likewise causes great deals of squandered sees to the medical professional’s workplace and numerous dollars down the drain!

If you have a bump or Inflammation under the skin (frequently an Inflammation behind the ears without any damaged skin or rash establishing, then this might be a cyst. If you have such signs I suggest seeing a physician to be safe. Medical professionals can likewise deal with cysts with prescription antibiotics if they have actually ended up being contaminated or incise them as an additional however unusual treatment if the prescription antibiotics are not enough.

How to Choose the Best Sunscreen for Pregnant Women

Pregnant womens need to take care of their skin in their day today activity and they search for the best yet reasonable price of sunscreen to get rid of major skin problems caused by the sun exposure. They understand and make certain that the pregnancy leave their skin susceptible to dark spots, sunburns and wrinkles.  They pay attention to the best suggestions regarding the facial sunscreen products with the pregnancy safe nature. Reading unbiased reviews of the pregnancy sunscreen  product and make a better-informed decision to heal all their skin health problems. They have to take note of different aspects of the sunscreen products and make positive changes in their way to find and buy the suitable sunscreen product on online.

How to Choose the Best Sunscreen for Pregnant Women

Focus on the foremost attractions of the sunscreen products

Attention-grabbing things about the sunscreen products encourage pregnant women to keep up-to-date with such products. You can read the specifications and benefits of these products one after another at any time you like to be successful in your approach for buying the brand-new sunscreen product.

Almost every pregnant woman requires tweak their beauty routine especially while choosing the pregnancy sunscreen on online. It is the right time to find and order the pregnancy-safe sunscreen. You can research the sunscreen products recommended for women during the pregnancy. This is because you must find and buy the right sunscreen after a comprehensive analysis of various things. You can explore everything about the latest updates of the sunscreen products and make a better-informed decision for the sunscreen shopping.

A good combination of active elements in the pregnancy safe sunscreen product plays an important role behind the enhanced skin health and comfort of pregnant women. If you are an expecting mama and thinking about how to choose the suitable sunscreen, then you can concentrate on so many important things one after another. For example, you can take note of the overall quality of ingredients in the sunscreen product before appraising it.

Pregnant women who are aware of the best yet cheap sunscreen to use during their pregnancy can take care of their skin. They can reduce the possibilities of skin problems as expected. They follow suggestions from dermatologists and experts in the skin care products. Then, they get exceptional benefits from a proper use of the suitable sunscreen product.

Use the best yet affordable sunscreen

Individuals of every age group have to wear the best-in-class sunscreen every day to protect their skin against skin cancer. Women who get the positive pregnancy test have to make use of the high-quality sunscreen day after day. They have to follow instructions about how to use the pregnancy safe sunscreen and make clear any doubt about such sunscreen product. Pregnant women get ever-increasing chances for various skin problems as pregnancy hormones maximize the skin pigmentation like the melasma. These problems are increased in the sun when pregnant women spend most of their time outdoor. There are so many natural remedies to heal skin problems during the pregnancy. However, the sunscreen made of natural and safe ingredients is recommended for pregnant women with a need to take care of their skin all through the pregnancy.

Easy-to-understand details about the sunscreen products for sale on online not only attract you, but also encourage you to pick and purchase one of these products. You have to be conscious about your skin care requirements during the pregnancy and enhance your expertise about how to find one of the best sunscreen products on online. Futher, you can contact and consult with the customer support team in the shop specialized in the sunscreen products on online. You will get enough assistance and ensure about the successful approach for fulfilling your skin care requirements on the whole.  Pregnant women are advised to do their own skin check after shower moisturizing or sunscreen application. This is because any small change in the skin leads to a big problem soon or later.

Keep up-to-date with the sunscreen products

Regular updates of the best pregnancy sunscreen products for sale on online these days encourage many pregnant women worldwide to choose and use one of the most appropriate sunscreen products. Almost every woman during the pregnancy time must remember that they get maximum chances for skin cancers as the increased blood supply and pregnancy hormones related issues. They can read the description of every sunscreen product with the pregnancy safe nature on online right now. Besides, they must improve their proficiency about how to be successful in their way to take care of their skin day after day. They have to consider the formula of the sunscreen product while appraising the real worth of buying it. They can prefer and order the sunscreen with the broad-spectrum formula used to block the UVA and UVB rays.

Other methods to protect the skin

Dermatologists throughout the world suggest the sunscreen product with the SPF of at least 30 for moms-to-be. This is because pregnant women may require the physical sunscreen with some active elements such as zinc oxide. If you are a pregnant woman with the sensitive skin, then you must prefer and use the best pregnancy sunscreen recommended by skin care experts. This is because mineral or physical sunscreen is hypoallergenic. You can focus on other methods to protect your skin. For example, you can use the sunglasses, rash guard and a wide-brimmed hat for protecting the skin. This is advisable to use the sunscreen and other products such as sunglasses when you spend your time from 10 a.m to 2 p.m outdoors as the strongest rays of the sun exist during this time.

Pregnant women have to reapply the sunscreen at least every couple of hours especially when they are not sweating. This is because they have to enhance their skin and reduce the possibilities of skin problems. Many women suffer from the dark skin during the pregnancy because the increased melanin production. They can make use of the first-class yet reasonable price of the sunscreen to get the desired improvement in their skin without complexity in any aspect.

How to Not Get Sunburn Without Sunscreen?

Sunburns take place to most of us. After a long winter, it is simple for that burning desire to turn in to another kind of burn, the unpleasant red kind that turns your skin flaky after a couple of days. Sunburn will keep you far from the pool for a couple of weeks, however it also leaves a more long-term mark is not treated with Lady and Beard.

In case if sin burn occurs then there are ways to treat it naturally. These are:

To get a quick remedy for sunburn put some increased water in cold water and have a bath. The useful results will not postpone to appear. You can also use some drops of sandalwood oil rather of rose water.

If you have suffered serious sunburns have a bath in cold water.

Keep the afflicted parts under the water for 15-20 minutes. If the areas under the eyes and the cheeks are impacted by sunburns piece of cucumber or tea bags must be used as quickly as possible. You can also use pieces of potatoes and tomatoes. They have the same alleviative properties as cucumber or tea bags when it happens sunburn.

Include a half a teaspoon of vinegar to a pail of cold water. Soak a clean soft fabric in this water and use on the impacted areas. An option prepared from equivalent parts of water and milk. Soak a soft fabric in this water and after that use the compress on the impacted areas. This remedy will bring a fast relief.

Cucumber juice has the fantastic property to decrease the swelling and the soreness of the skin and to soften the skin so that to use an excellent relief. Take a tablespoon of cucumber juice and blend it with a tablespoon of milk. Use this service to dab the sunburn areas on your face.

Use The Correct Kind Of Loose Clothes

Clearly, if you’re at the beach sportin’ a swimwear, clothes isn’t in the photo. If you’re one to burn quickly, intend on using firmly woven/loose fitting clothes. This strategy really assists as a protective barrier against the sun’s rays. Particularly, attempt to wear dark colored clothes because they take in one of the most UV rays. Wan na use something fun for summertime? Brilliant colors like red have been revealed to assist!

Limitation Direct Exposure In Between The Hours Of 12pm-4pm

The sun’s UVB rays are the primary factor for sun burning and triggering serious effects like cancer and early aging. In between the hours of 12pm and 4pm, the sun’s rays are particularly hazardous as your skin is most susceptible to sunburn. If you can assist it, it’s best to not be out for a prolonged period throughout this time. If you have no option, keep in mind to fill up on sunscreen and take cover in the shade! It’s vital to nurture your skin, so whenever you intend on going outside keep in mind to be wise and ready!

Safeguard Your Eyes And Head

Do not be tricked, hair will secure your head just a lot. If you have a kid, it’s specifically essential for them to remain covered too. The scalp can get charred quite quick without us recognizing it. Safeguard your head with a protective hat that covers the shoulders from sun direct exposure (one that will not fly off in the wind). The sun can adversely affect the eyes because of how thin and vulnerable our eyelid skin is. Buying a great set of sunglasses that obstruct those damaging UV rays is always an excellent concept.

There are a number of herbs referred to as really effective remedies for sunburn to. Aloe vera can be used as a natural screen against the sun.

Take in Omega-3

In their study, a 4g dosage of omega-3 everyday has been revealed to decrease sunlight-induced suppression of the body immune system. There are a lot of ways to ensure you are getting enough in your diet. The health advantages of Omega-3 are more than simply skin deep: they also safeguard the brain.

Reduction Usage of Processed Foods

Processed foods are bad for you on many levels, however they also jeopardize skin quality. Simply as you need to be filling up on omega-3 fats, you need to prevent diets loaded with processed foods consisting of veggie, soy oil, corn oil, and sugars. Preventing those fatty and fried foods can secure your skin from sun burns, and will make you look even much better while you are out at the beach.

How to Shave Your Bum Area?

Normally, people have hair on their bum area as well as around their anus, so it is quite natural and normal as well. Actually, the hair on your butt does aid a purpose and also it greatly supports to reduce the rubbing and rasping as well as keep that area dry and aired. Still, there is an increasing number of women remove their body hair including their backnaps. Naturally, removing body hair can make you appear as well as feel clean and also it can be very sexually inspiring and exciting not only to you but also your partner as well. Some of the areas that you want to shave on your butt are including:

  • On the top of your cheeks
  • In between the cheeks
  • Both on top and in between the cheeks

How to Shave Your Bum Area?

In order to know more about shaving your bum area, you just read full article and find the right cream for shaving in a bum area.

Step by step instructions to shave your butt area

If you want to shave your butt area, below are some of the useful step by step instructions to be followed that include:

  • Initially, shower and dry yourself
  • Clean and purify your razor
  • Trim the hair on your butt
  • Apply shaving gel to your butt
  • Shave your butt
  • Shave between the cheeks
  • Rinse your butt thoroughly
  • Dry yourself well
  • Apply antiseptic to your butt
  • Apply body powder to your butt
  • Exfoliate your butt

What you need to know about bum hair and how to remove it?

Primarily, the inner butt hairs are pubes just in various place. Naturally, the body hair has aided an evolutionary persistence of keeping us warm. Commonly, the hair on body can be classified as having a similar purpose as like hair in the buttock or genital area, so simply hair is hair. Over the days, the requirement for body hair became less and less essential. One major thing to be noted is the amount of hair you have reverse back and also how coarse, thick and dark it is, which could be very unique to each individual. Even though, the hormonal changes can influence how your body hair feels and appears.

Of course, the laser hair removal is one of the best options for butt hair. To be frank, everyone has hair between their cheeks and there is surely no need to get free from it if you do not need to. Anyhow, it is good to remove the hair. With hair removal anywhere else, there are no single-size-fits for all procedures, but the laser is absolutely one of the most efficient ways for removing butt hair. If you wish to obtain the laser hair removal on your bum, you can expect to want 4 to 6 treatments that outcome in 70% of lessening in the hair growth. By simply using the best shaving cream for bikini area, it can support slow as well as minimize the hair growth even more than following the laser removal.

Choosing the right shaving cream for removing butt hair

If you are someone who selects to remove their body hair with a razor, possibly, you need to make sure that you are using the right shaving cream for removing butt hair in order to avoid any unwanted irritation while you shave. In fact, the razor bumps occur, when there is friction between your skin and razor. In order to prevent them, you want to discover a gel or a cream that loosens your skin to allow a simpler and smoother move. It is also much essential to change out your razors routinely; because a dull razor can cause some roughness and scratches. If you have already got bums, there are a few great shaving creams available in the market for removing hair in your bum area that includes:

  • IntiMD coochy plus intimate shave cream
  • Completely bare completely smooth moisturizing no-bump shave gel
  • Aveeno therapeutic shave cream
  • Magnitone London, go bare rechargeable mini lady shaver
  • EOS sensitive skin shave cream

Therefore, these are all wonderful shaving creams for removing hair in a bum area. If you are a natural beautiful girl, the choices of your favorite shaving cream are flooded with sweet fragrances and have a freshly shaved skin.

The Best Home Remedies for Dry Skin



If your skin is dry, thin and sensitive then your skin type is stated as dry skin. There are few factors that determine the nature of the skin like less amount of sebum production, genetic aspect, weathering conditions, wind regions, pollutants and chemicals, strident cosmetics, frequent exposure to sunlight, medications, poor diet, taking bathing frequently using harsh soaps and poor activity of the thyroid gland.

There are few symptoms shown by the dry skin such as dryness, wrinkles, thin skin as well as the appearance of fine lines at an early age. You can follow the simple home remedies to eradicate the dryness of your skin. These home remedies are simple to use. They are even safe without any side effects unless you are allergic to it. Many of them use natural remedies and find that it shows the most promising results. Many home remedies are used for a long time period and are effective to our skin.

Tips to follow to get rid of dry skin


The first step to be taken is to drink plenty of water frequently. This is a very simple remedy that you can follow. The sufficient amount of water intake will keep your skin hydrated. This will prevent the drying up of your skin in an effective manner. You can drink eight to ten glasses of water to attain the better results within few days. The most effective home remedies to get rid of dry skin is Honey. Honey is the soothing factor which moisturizes your skin.

Take one teaspoon of honey and mix it with half teaspoon of rose water. Rub this mixture gently on your face. Leave it for fifteen to twenty minutes. Then, wash your face with normal water. You will feel smoothness of your skin. Do not use harsh soaps. Always try using mild soaps. Smoking can spoil your skin. Nicotine can constrict the blood vessels so the oxygen supply given to the skin will be reduced. This can result in leathery and dry skin, so avoid smoking for maintaining the healthy skin.  Omega-3 fatty acids can supply all kinds of nourishment necessary for the skin. It also hydrates the skin properly. You can add oily fish like salmon or tuna in your diet regularly.

Natural remedy for dry skin

Make sure that you have a sound sleep eight hours a day. Follow up this as a habit.  Sleep deprivation can ruin the health of your skin. It will make the skin to appear dull and dry. Take pieces of papaya and bananas in an equal quantity. Grind them into a smooth paste. Apply the smooth paste on your skin. Leave it for twenty minutes.  You can rinse your face with mild warm water. You can also apply natural oil such as coconut oil or olive oil on your face. You can also apply moisturizer. Sunlight can cause dryness, wrinkles, spots and blisters which are very harmful for your skin. Apply sunscreen lotion while going out in the sunlight.


Sitting in the air conditioned room for a prolonged period can make your skin dry. You can use a humidifier to tackle this problem. Another beneficial tip is to use avocado. Take a half avocado mash it well into a smooth paste. Add a few drops of lime juice in it and mix properly. Rub this mixture gently on your face and leave it for twenty minutes. Take a soft tissue paper and dab off the residue. This is an excellent remedy that provides the required nourishment to the skin and makes it smooth and healthy. You can also use the best korean face wash for dry skin to see the better results instantly. You can also watch youtube videos for the steps to wash your face perfectly and here some links listed below for your reference.

How to Moisturize Acne-Prone Skin?

Whether you are in your 20s or 50s, the importance of a regular skincare routine is one thing you should not ignore. Among others, one of the most crucial is moisturizing. If you have acne-prone skin, however, you need to be more cautious to be sure that there are no ingredients that can trigger excess sebum production.

If you want to know how to moisturize your acne-prone skin, read on and learn from some insights we’ll be sharing.

Look for Acne-Fighting Ingredients


If you want the best Korean moisturizer for acne-prone skin, one of the most important is to have the right ingredients. These ingredients should not only add moisture to the skin but must also fight acne.

Retinol, benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acid are some of the top ingredients that you should be looking for. However, take note that these exfoliating acids can be harsh on the skin when you use it along with topical creams. It can make the skin flake and peel.

Go for Oil-Free Moisturizers

When you have acne-prone skin, one of the most important is to veer away from products that contain oil as it will only worsen the problem. Your skin is already oily, and hence, you won’t need another layer of oil.

To be safe, your best bet is a water-based moisturizer. Glycerin is one of the best ingredients that you should look for. This is especially great for sensitive skin as it does not result in irritation. Another good thing about glycerin is that it is a humectant. This means that it effectively pulls moisture to balance your skin.

Look for SPF

SPF is a non-negotiable when it comes to skincare products, including moisturizers. Exposure to the heat of the sun is one of the mortal enemies of acne-prone skin. To prevent serious damage and breakouts, it is important that you pick a moisturizer with SPF.

Make Sure It Does Not Clog the Pores

One of the terms that you should look for in a moisturizer is non-comedogenic. What this means is that it should not have ingredients that clog the pores. Otherwise, it can trigger acne breakouts. When a moisturizer is labeled as non-comedogenic, this is usually oil-free. Aside from acne, it is also effective in the prevention of whiteheads and blackheads.

Petrolatum and coconut oil are two of the common ingredients that can clog the pores, so make sure that you stay away from those if you have acne-prone skin.

Natural Isn’t Always Better

Natural isn’t exactly the magic word when you are looking for the best moisturizers to treat your acne-prone skin. While it is good to have natural ingredients, in some cases, they can be ineffective or only make the problem worse. It is still best to do your research if it is worth it looking for natural ingredients in your moisturizer.

Mind the Order

Lastly, you should also pay attention to the right order at which you apply the moisturizer. The first thing that you need to do is to apply acne-treatment products before lathering your choice of moisturizer. You need to apply them right after cleansing, which will make sure that it penetrates deeply into the skin before you put on a moisturizer.

Wrap Up

Even when you have acne-prone skin, moisturizing is a crucial part of your skincare routine. This is important to keep your skin youthful and radiant. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you can use just any moisturizer. You need to be careful with what you choose, especially in terms of the ingredients that are included.

Chasing My Sunset


It feels so weird to start writing again! I hope everyone had a great summer and you’re well rested.

I apologized for being a way for this long, but there were things happening in my life that made it hard for me to keep up with blogging, plus I hit a point where I found myself tired of it.

I was repeating the same cycle again, like I did on my first blog. Something just didn’t feel right or was still lacking that made it hard for me to continue. I thought it was best to take a break and think through things. Things like should I even continue to blog, what were my plans for the future and where I was in my life.

It was a painful and dreadful process. Luckily, some clarity did come out of it.

A friend of mine told me recently that I reminded her of the character in “Eat Pray Love”, a memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert. I seen the movie before years ago, I didn’t remember much about it, so I decided to watch it again last weekend and my friend was right. I resonated a lot with the character this time. Leaving everything behind and go on quest to find myself sounds very tempting right now!

Let’s cut to the chase: I’m going to start a new blog soon, but it won’t be about beauty anymore. If I’d write about beauty, it’d be in a different way. The new blog is going to about
-life as a dreamer (working on your goals)
-life as a single
-life as a woman
-living an authentic life

The good news is if you had enjoyed my Thinking Out Loud topics, I have a feeling you’d enjoy my new blog – so stay subscribed.

At one point I thought, it’d be best for me to quit blogging all together. I thought I wasn’t good enough and my voice alone wouldn’t be enough to attract readers. Then I got messages from people who read my blog, and the feedback was incredible. I still can’t believe that someone stayed up all night to read my blog. That got me speechless.

Believe it or not, even with the feedback like that, I was still hesitating to come back. So I procrastinated, until one day I got a strong feeling that I needed to continue writing and start a new blog. I even got a new name for it.

When the new blog is ready, I’ll send you a newsletter about it. Stay tuned.

Saigon Summer: Eye Makeup Tutorial + Orange Lips


What?! I haven’t done a makeup tutorial since last year??

I realized this last week and quickly created this makeup tutorial :) My inspiration came from my favorite orange lipstick by MAC “Saigon Summer” – if you haven’t heard yet, orange lips is the hot thing for this summer. So don’t be afraid of it – let’s rock it, until the boyz are sick of it!



Rimmel Professional Eyebrow pencil, Hazel

1. MAC Pro Longwear eyeshadow, One To Watch

2. Shiseido Hydro-Powder Eyeshadow, H1 Goldlights

3. BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic palette, Saturn

4. NAF eyeliner pencil

5. theBalm NudeTude palette, Silly

6. Red Cherry false lashes, #218

Lancome Oscillation Intensity mascara, black



Sulwhasoo Evenfair Perfecting Cushion,  no. 25 (review)

Cinema Secrets Concealer Kit #1

MAC Pro Longwear Bronzing powder, Nude On Board (review)

Milani Baked Blush, 01 Dolce Pink (review)

theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer (review)


MAC Cremesheen lipstick, Saigon Summer




Review: NOW Solutions European Clay Powder + NOW Essential Oils Tea Tree Oil


The NOW Solutions European Clay Powder is 100% natural and pure. You can create a clay mask by mixing it with water, and as optional, add essential oil that suits your skin needs.

Tea tree oil is good for oily, acne and combination skin.
Jojoba oil or/and lavender oil for dry and mature skin.

It says that you should leave the mask on for 15-20minutes. But from my experience, you shouldn’t let the mask to fully dry. Wait until the clay mask is about 80-90% then go ahead and rinse off. Because if you leave it on until it has completely dry out, it’d be a nightmare to rinse off and it’d feels like your skin is cracking.

I don’t recommend using too much clay powder either. The clay powder is really, really strong. The first time I used it, I put too much clay powder and rinsed it off when it was harden and dry. I almost cry when I tried to wash it off. It was so painful and scary. I thought my skin was cracking or bleeding.


My face was hot red and sensitive afterwards, Thank Goodness it got better the next day. Lesson learned! Always put more water than clay powder – always, always, always…

The NOW Solutions European Clay Powder is a powerful facial detox. It helps draw out impurities from the pores, decreasing pore size and improve your skin tone over time. I noticed that the clay mask was also exfoliating my skin a little.

I really love this product, and it’s so affordable too, only $5.34 at iHerb.

I usually mix the clay powder with the NOW tea tree oil to create my detox mask, I like the tingling sensation that I get from it. The 6 oz. (170g) jar is plenty, I have this for almost a year now and I still have a lot left. I don’t use it as much in the winter like I’ve been using it lately. I do the clay mask 1-2 times a week.

However, I wish that it’d have a measuring spoon coming with it.

The NOW Essential Oils tea tree oil has also been great with many of my DIY masks and oil blends. It’s 100% pure and effective. I don’t have much to say about it, because I think it works like how it supposed to.

If you have oily skin or gets breakout easily, this mask will help you tackle those problems.